Are cheap nail wraps worth it?

So I went into the pound shop next to work to buy a drink and spotted these


For £1 I thought they would be worth a shot.  In the packet you get 2 different style of wraps (the light pink and the dark pink) and a nail file.

To put them on you simply peel off the wrap, stick to your nail and then file the excess length to make them fit your own nails.

The end result was this


Now I did my best with the buffer to make the whole surface flat but found filing the wrap made it pucker slightly on some of the nails.  You may also notice that this one size fits all kinda packet just does not work on my nails!  It is not wide enough to cover the whole width of my nails and it is too square and wide at the base so looks odd around my cuticles.

Would I buy these again? In short, no.  Don’t get me wrong, the print is pretty and if you really wanted some nail art but couldn’t do it this might be an option.  I would honestly rather just paint my nails a solid colour rather than deal with these imperfect nail wraps.

That said, I have never tried the more expensive wraps or foils and I imagine they would be much better, I’m just not sure I would be happy to pay £6+ for the better ones… I really should just stick with bottles of polish.


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