Pedicures and new foundation

To say I am not a lover of feet is putting it mildly.  I don’t even like people putting their feet next to me on the sofa or my beloved other half putting his feet anywhere near my side of the bed.  So pedicures were not really something I was super excited to be starting.

This week we managed to get most of the pedicure learned.  It is fairly similar to the manicure sequence minus the buffing and so it is quick to cover as we already know the drill.

Now I know using gloves doesn’t look great but I have been using them in class.  It just freaks me out too much to not use them.  The first girl I practiced on had discoloured nails which she says were from tan and a mole that had appeared under the tip of one of her toenails last year.  All I was thinking in my head was “do moles even just show up on fully grown adults?! Could this be some kind of contagious thing I don’t know about?”  That was it, my mind was made up to use gloves with her.

The second girl I worked on had very bad nails on her feet.  She works in a bar and said she has dropped a lot of glasses on her feet.  Her nails were broken and chipped all over.  I did start her pedicure with a glove only on one hand but once we hit exfoliation and massage I had to put both on.

I am hoping that with practice and time I may be able to do feet without gloves.  Perhaps I have just been unlucky so far with not so perfect feet to pedicure.  At least I hope so, because if not I am never doing them in the real world!  I will hire somebody to do them for me once a week.

In turn I received 2 pedicures this week also.  The first was shorter as we had not learned our massage routine and that was fine.  The second was actually by one of the girls who at the start of the year did my head in.  Her partner wouldn’t let her practice on her and mine wanted to go grab something to eat so I thought why not?  She actually did a great job.  I did have to remind her of the order everything went in the massage but overall she really did a good job of making my feet look prettier and relaxing my feet and legs with the massage.

Now I did say I wanted to get my manicures out of the way last week but due to a half day on our long day, that didn’t happen.  I have my mum booked in tomorrow for her manicure with nail art to get my summative done.  I am playing with fire a little as I am only planning to do my last formative (which is a French manicure with nail art) tomorrow too before she arrives.  I have faith in myself that I will do fine, however I really do feel like even when I have passed the module, I will still need to do a lot of work on my nail painting skills.  My French manicure and even my general polishing skills need improving on to get to a standard I feel will be high enough to actually feel happy charging people for my services.  I do also plan to sneek in another module tomorrow.  That is “promoting a product or service”.  This is one of those ones I feel I didn’t need to learn but can see why they teach it.  I have to promote a service or product to my mum. I am going to promote waxing and get her to book in for 4 weeks time once we are ready for clients.  I know waxing is something she wants to come in for so it is an easy way to get the “promoting a product or service” module passed.

Next week is half term and so I am off all week.  Once we get back we will be starting waxing! Yeehaa, the end is in sight as waxing is our last module.  Still very much on track for being 100% completed by mid May.

On another note, I was playing make-up tonight again.  I really do need to charge my camera battery as my Blackberry just washes the entire colour right out of my eyes sadly.

For this I used 3 shades of green no7 shaddow. I would have rathered a pencil liner... but my pencil liners were in the car... my liquid one was in the bathroom ;)

For this I used 3 shades of green no7 shaddow. I would have rathered a pencil liner… but my pencil liners were in the car… my liquid one was in the bathroom 😉

Tonight I tried a Lily Lolo mineral foundation sample that I received.  I was actually shocked at the level of coverage it offered me.  I haven’t got the best skin and due to fine lines around my eyes I have always opted for liquid foundation to ensure good coverage and no highlighting of the wrinkles.  This stuff may actually have converted me!  I will be putting it on tomorrow to see if it lasts a full day as I have my 10 hr day at college tomorrow.  Should it fair well, I shall be placing an order with them over the weekend for a full size foundation.


3 thoughts on “Pedicures and new foundation

  1. Hii fellow geeker here! Just a quick comment on yout first pedi lady.. Did you ask the tutor what they thought of said “mole”? Only reason I ask is i’ve had verruccas in the same place before now which have looked very mole like, should really have refered to gp to be safe! Lovin your blog tho xx

    • I did ask her to look at it yes, she wasn’t really sure how or why a mole would have come up so randomly but she just dismissed it. Not a hope I was touching it without gloves though and that file went straight in the bin after. I am a little sad she wanted to use one of my nail polishes on her nails (a nails inc red) which I now can’t bring myself to use just incase:(

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