What are your bath/shower room essentials?

I have been reading a few blogs of late about people having a month off from buying toiletries.  This has made me smile because my new years resolution in 2012 was exactly that.  No buying unessential toiletries.

Let me first explain that I have a problem.  I compulsively buy what I deem to be bargains.  I don’t need to need the item right now… just to know that I may need it in the future.  So to say that I had a stockpile of toiletries is a huge understatement.  In fact, I had enough toiletries to ensure I did not buy any body wash, exfoliators, shampoo or conditioner until November/December 2012!

Yes, I went almost a whole year without buying toiletries.  Even then, I only bought 1 shampoo bar and 1 conditioner bar from Lush.  I did cave and buy a few unessential face washes through the year though care of the No.7 £5 off vouchers.  They are sitting under my sink in the cupboard waiting for their turn to be used or gifted to a friend.  I should be slightly ashamed to admit that there is still no way I need to buy ANY body wash or body lotion for the whole of 2013 either.

My shower is now close to what I like to think of as streamlined.  I can see most of the floor at least anyway and only have 1 of each item in there.

I am still using up Avon shower gels and currently have a tropical scented one to work on.  Sadly my other half is not a fan of adult shower gels, so he and my daughter are working their way through a Mooshi Monster shower gel and shampoo bottle.

Shampoo wise I have 1 bottle of Dove shampoo for colour hair and 1 bottle of Avon conditioner for colour hair.  Neither are amazing and neither would I buy again.  I bought the Dove Shampoo with the conditioner and I really loved how the conditioner made my hair feel but I was just very indifferent about the shampoo.

I also have my shampoo and conditioner bars from lush which I posted about when I bought them.  I LOVE the shampoo with all my being.  I bought jumping juniper and it is a fantastic shampoo.  Not so in love with the conditioner bar.  I so so wanted to love it as I am trying to move all my toiletry range over to animal friendly options but no.  It doesn’t make my hair look bad or wirey but it does make it feel like straw.  I have read it’s because it’s not coating my hair in silicone to give it a fake softness if you like but still… I am yet to be convinced.

My final toiletry is a face wash.  No.7 hot cloth cleanser.  Again, it does the job it is required to do but I don’t love it, hence it went in the shower.

If you have never thought of giving up buying unessential toiletries, it is something I highly suggest.  You will soon realise how many impulse unessential buys you would normally make.  For me, it is now about finding my perfect list of products rather than constantly changing my products in the hope of finding something better.

My ultimate shower contents (that I will aim for once I get rid of my stockpile of toiletries) would be:

Fresh Farmacy face wash from Lush

Ocean Salt exfoliation scrum from Lush

Body wash from the Sainsburys fruit range.

Jumping Juniper solid shampoo bar from Lush

A conditioner I want is yet to be found!

So what would your ideal list of shower products be?


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