Being Rhiannas Make-up Artist: Potential careers once you have gained your beauty qualifications.

Today we had a “careers advisor” come in to give us a pep talk on what we could be doing in our future.  Now it really wasn’t the best 20 minutes of advice any of us had ever been given as his knowledge of the beauty industry was very poor to say in the least.  I can honestly say the only useful piece of information provided was that our NVQ’s are internationally recognised and should we travel to another country they will still hold their weight.

The talk did however get us all chatting about what we want to do in the future.

One girl in the class would love to travel and to see the world.  She started with the idea of trying to get a job with Steiner travelling the world on cruise ships and ended up with asking me what hotel work is like.

I have to say, working in the hotel industry is a lovely way to see the world in my opinion.  If you work for a good hotel company and are very good at your job, you should have no problem transferring from hotel to hotel within the chain providing you are eligible for a working visa.  The job will generally require you are a minimum of level 3 qualified and having a passion for massage and facials could be seen as essential as it would be a large part of your job.

Having previously had the joy for working in nice hotels we somehow got onto the subject of what guests had stayed which ended up with us talking about working as a make-up artist for celebrities such as Rhianna!  Although the life seemed to be a dream at the start, the further we picked into what that life would be like, the more we realised being Rhiannas Make-up Artist must actually be a very difficult job!

Photo used is from the Karin Darnell Make-up website


Many of the class didn’t realise that working in the entertainment industry means working long hours.  You travel lot of the world yes, but being in a new country every few days means living with a slightly messed up sleep pattern and not much time to see the countries you visit.  That said, the perks for some may outweigh the benefits and the excitement of working in the entertainment industry is not to be underestimated.  The pay isn’t bad either.

Other job options included a home salon or mobile work (the option I want to start with) and the more traditional salon or spa route.  Although most of us will be “all-rounders” doing the traditional NVQ routes, some of us may end up specialising in nails and I can honestly say1 or 2 of the girls in my class could do fantastically in the nail industry and have a real knack for nail art.

One interesting fact is that the beauty industry in the UK was worth £15 billion in 2012 and over 1 million people were employed in the industry during that time.  Looking at the level of employment in the beauty industry clearly shows there is no shortage for our skills.  The important thing is that if you are studying beauty you need to really think about your future path but you can do so safe in the knowledge that we should all find our own place in the industry be it working in a salon, doing make-up at fashion week or indeed being a make-up artist for Rhianna…mind you, only one of us can ever end up doing that and it is currently filled by the lovely Karin Darnell .


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