How quickly can I complete a module in beauty therapy?

I have missed the last week of college due to illness but will be going back tomorrow.

Ordinarily I would be worried about missing a weeks worth of study but I believe I should be able to pick up the slack fairly easy.  Having only started manicures this month when we returned after Christmas break, my plan is to do 2 manicure formatives tomorrow during open salon.  I will do them on classmates and then I should be able to get my 3rd manicure done on Tuesday meaning by next Thursday I can do my summative providing I can book a family member in.

Separate to this I will need to do my nail art and polishing exams.  I am unsure of the set up for the exams, however if I can mix these in with my manicure formatives I for sure will.

In short, some modules in Beauty Therapy can be gained very quickly if you are willing to push yourself a little.  In fact, if you were not doing the module as part of your NVQ you can get courses that will qualify you in manicures in as little as 2 days!

Clearly each module with vary and of course ones such as my facial module will take a little longer.
Keeping on the note of nails, I was pleased to see Sally’s are having another VAT free day tomorrow.  As I am in college 9am – 7pm on Thursdays, I always end up missing the VAT free days, however tomorrow I am starting at 2pm rather than 9am meaning I can go and explore my local store.

I am thinking I may try to open an e-store and sell some nail polish and accessories, the VAT free day should give me a chance to buy a few items to sell on and see how quickly I can turn them over.  If they turn over quickly then I shall for sure do it again, it would be nice to earn a little extra money from something beauty related.

I am still itching to just get started.  No doubt if you are mid way through your beauty course you know exactly what I mean.  You already know enough to get you started… but you need to find the money to get all the stuff you need to start and the time to fit in the extra bits of work!  As much as I know it would be easier to start off working in a salon, all the job advertisements for salon jobs in N.Ireland state they only want those qualified to level 3 which rules me out for a minimum of another year… so if starting an e-store and writing my blog is all I can do for now to make me feel like I belong in the beauty industry, then so be it 🙂

Only 1 year and 4 months until I am free and qualified to a level that makes me employable in the eyes of the salons.  Who knows, perhaps if I plug hard enough and pull together enough money to build up my equipment I won’t want one of those salon jobs.  I can only but hope to achieve my goal when I started, to be self sufficient and be able to employ myself.

P.s. Does anyone know where the link to my page is on facebook? I seem to be getting a LOT of traffic from it and well… I have no idea where it is as I didn’t post it – but thank you to whoever did 🙂


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