Manicures and a few more distinctions :)

This week seen my return to college and the start of manicures.  As a lover of my own long nails I was looking forward to this part of the course perhaps the most.  I am however one of only a few members with actual nails to work on rather than stubs so I have quickly learned I will have to find people to practice on at home.

So far we have learned how to evaluate the hand, to sanitise, cut and file the nail, buff, soak and then work on the cuticles.  During the class 4 people filed my nails in order to give more people a chance to work on actual nails.

In our spare time we have to practice polishing each others nails which, as I paint my own several times a week I would have expected to be easy but no!  Totally not as easy as expected.  Although they look OK, I tend to touch the cuticles lightly with the polish which I need to learn to stop doing.  Next week we will progress onto the heat treatments and hand massage elements of the manicure.  I am very much looking forward to having some heat treatments on my hands to get them looking lovely after the winter months.

My placement was as usual pretty quiet and I spent the morning cleaning and moving the spray tan room from a room upstairs to a room downstairs.  Not by any means a fun job but at least it filled an hour of my time.  Cleaning the old tanning room after the move was an eye opener, wow was it dirty! That tan just coats everything and if you don’t wash your walls, tent and skirting’s down right after each tan I guess it just builds up bit by bit.

Yesterday I was very fortunate in that a fellow classmate had her sister in for a facial and managed to convince her to stay after for an eyelash tint and a brow shape so that I could do my summative in them.  I am very pleased to say that a further two distinctions in these gave me an overall distinction in my eye treatments.  All I have left now is my make-up and that is everything summative done for the treatments we were taught September – December last year.  My mum has happily volunteered to come down next week after work to let me do make-up on her.  A very kind gesture as she has to travel 45 minutes to get here from work and then an hour and a half to get home after!  Providing I pass make-up then I will currently be the best organised person in the class exam wise – woohoo!

At long last I have also signed up for my Sallys hair and beauty supplies student discount card.  When I first visited in September they would not let me sign up as I didn’t have my letter of offer only my student card which is apparently not sufficient so please make sure you keep your letter of offer safe!  It apparently takes 4 – 5 months to process but I have a cardboard version to use until my official card arrives.  I think I may have a browse of their website tonight to try and get some ideas of nail supplies I can get to use in my nail art class.


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