Tools to help you develop your make-up skills

Now I am sure this is not all beauty students experience but for me I have real problems in getting people to let me play with make-up on them.  I don’t live near my family and friends and well, even if I did my sister as you may remember is not a big fan of letting people near her face.

I live near my partners family none of whom wear make-up due to sensitive skin.  So as much as they would love to help me, make-up is just one of those areas where they can’t.

At the moment I have been doing looks on myself and taking photos on my Blackberry to keep track of improvement in technique and the colours I have used.  However that is about to change!

Today I discovered “make-up design sheets”.  I will be honest and say I didn’t realise these existed although in hindsight I guess I should have, as I have seen the concept in stores and in books before.

I came across these care of the lovely Karla Powell (you can follow her here on Facebook) who has released her own template sheets where you can create looks and keep a track of what make-up you used for past looks.


Photo of Make-up Design Sheet taken from


Owning these sheets really does seem to open a world of opportunities for us as students.  It is a very clear way of tracking our progress and seeing how our concepts and ability will grow over time.  Further still as professionals it will give us the tools to show prospective clients concepts a portfolio of styles they may wish to trial for their wedding/event/photo shoots etc.

At the bargain price of £7.99 for 25 A4 sheets or £5.99 for 25 A5 sheets including postage how could I say no?  I will be requesting my very kind boyfriend to purchase these for me tomorrow as part of my birthday gift for later this month.  If you have some spare change left after Christmas and you want to develop your make-up ability for your future career path then I urge you to take a look and purchase a set of these templates to play with yourself and while you’re at it, have a look at Karla Powells blog to get some ideas and inspiration for what you can do with your sheets when they arrive.


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