Those who can’t, fake it!

I feel a little downbeat because I have found a new beauty product that I desperately want but it’s out of stock.

In the past I have always clipped in hair extensions when I want a fuller looking head of hair.  My choice was Fiery Brown from Sallys Wildest Dreams Hair Extensions range.  At £19.99 the price is good and the colour matches my hair colour perfectly.  However with my clip in extensions all I really do is leave my hair down as I can’t really get the extensions to do much.  Now this may be down to the fact I am not wonderful at doing my own hair and not confident in my ability to keep the clips hidden but I have found a new fantastic alternative!

Today I discovered “Annabelle’s Wigs”.  While they offer a range of hair pieces, I have fallen in love with their ¾ wigs and the curls they offer that do not fall out (unlike those I put in my own hair).  There are even 2 in a hair colour that looks like it would match mine well.  However as I said at the start, the one I would like to buy *this one* is out of stock, boo hoo.  At £28.99 the price is a snip and I can see this wig being 100% worth the money and something I could have out to wear regularly to give me beautiful hair without the hassle.

It’s ironic that I discovered the site only today because earlier this week I had a customer come into work and I complemented her new hair style and colour only for her to tell me it was a wig.  In fact ALL of her hair styles are wigs.  I was unaware but she informed me that in the past she had cancer and although her hair is slowly coming back it just isn’t the same as it was in the past so she has opted to stick with her wigs and loves them!  In her words “every woman she own a few wigs to change her look now and again” and I have to say after finding these… I think she could well be right!

Amy Childs models one of the wigs available on Annabelle’s Wigs. Photo taken from Annabelle’s Wigs own website.


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