Pick your perfect match make-up online!

As I am now experimenting with the Marks and Spencer’s make-up range I went onto their website to see what else they had in their range that I would no doubt have missed in my brief flick through foundations in store.  I was very excited to find they offer a virtual makeover online


You input your own photo and then you can use their colour wheels to pick a foundation, concealer, blusher and bronzer that best suit your skin tone.  Now I am not saying it is a perfect service as I am yet to go in and try the items which seem to match what I would look for colour wise.


When you pick your colours it will alter your photo with your choice.  It will also tell you what range the colour your chose is from and how much it would cost to buy.  It can seem a little confusing if you see 2 of the same colour e.g. ivory, however they will be from different ranges and will look slightly different on the “skin” in your photo.


You can also try different looks on your photo – now this service I didn’t find fantastic but it does still give you a vague idea of what you would look like with smokey eyes, a darker lipstick, longer lashes etc.


Definitely worth a look if you are planning a trip to M&S as it will give you a rough idea of what you may wish to look for or ask the make-up assistant to demonstrate for you.  In my opinion this online service will save you time and you may actually have good fun playing with it too.

I did try to hit the sales today and I had some plans of what items I wanted to get from the MUA stand in Superdrug but sadly despite stocking the range, the store didn’t have what I was actually looking for.  I shall have to check out the bigger store in Belfast when I am up later in the week.  Fingers crossed they will have it there and I can let you know if I give the items a thumbs up or down 🙂


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