And there we have it, the end of college for 2012!

For me, 2012 was the year I was going to start changing my life.  I had not long left London and wasn’t able to get a job doing what I had been doing in the past and so I decided to retrain to give myself a better opportunity to be my own boss.

As of today I have only been in college just short of 4 months but I now have my distinctions in Facials, Head Massage, Self Tan Application (Spray and Mitt with body exfoliation) and care of today Individual and Strip Eyelashes!

Not a bad start for changing ones life ey?  I have also worked hard to leave myself in a position that my first week back I can do my summatives in Make-up, tinting and eyebrow shaping.  I can see my poor mother having to come in for a visit to have all these treatments done in one day.  She will be more than glad to of course and I will be ever greatful for the fact she will help me complete some more summatives.

I am feeling so positive about 2013.  Everything is heading the way I need it to be to get myself to the point where I own my own business before 30 (I don’t care that it will be a new business that I will still be working hard to establish, it will still be mine!).  I want to create something my children will be proud of in the future and the littley LOVES the fact her mumma is training to be a beauty therapist and she frequently asks when I will own my own salon for her to come and work in *smile*.  At least now seeing my grades heading in the right direction I can honestly tell her “not long wee princess, not long.”

So here is to all things Christmas and to the New year and all it will bring for us all 🙂

Make the changes you desire in life to see the changes you have dreamed of.


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