Busy times and Birthday times!

I haven’t posted in a while as I vanished off to London for a trip to see some friends and then this week it was the run up to the littleys birthday.  She had a family party at home and then one at the play centre with her school friends.

When I was in London I decided to take advantage of the female company that is my sister and do her eye-make up.  I would say it was good practice but she pulled such faces anytime i went near her that it wasn’t exatly the average practice session.  I did however manage to get it done and I do think her eyes turned out quite well.


As you can see she has no other make-up on as that would have taken a year with the fact she hates people touching her face.  I did her eyes in purple as it is her favorite colour but not one she would ever wear on her eyes.  I used a no7 pallet that she had from one of their Christmas gift sets 2 years ago. 

I still have to do 2 more formatives in make-up in college before I can do my exam and although I feel I will pass my exam I don’t feel that I know as much about make-up application as I would like to know.  I would love to put myself through a bridal make-up course in the summer as an add on.

Once I returned from London my first day back in college I managed to get my spray tan summative done and I am pleased to say that I got another distinction!  I did however miss the theory exam for spray tanning as it was supposed to be January but they moved it to one of the days I was in London woops.  I will take the exam tomorrow with the others who need to resit, so fingers crossed I can pass it and that will be me signed off for the spray tan module.

My dreams of that spray tan tent at home are slowly getting closer to reality!


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