Bring on the distinctions!

I am sure it is not a big secret but I really want to get as many distinctions as I can while doing this course.  Today I did my first set of summative exams; these were facial and head massage.


My mum came over and I did my facial on her – however I made a mistake.  I would have gotten 29/30 however I couldn’t have it as I didn’t use the hot towel at the right point of the facial.  My mum hadn’t wanted steaming and in class we had been told we could keep hot towels until after the mask to help take it off.  This was the option I went for and why my first summative was dismissed. 


Luckily I did have another client booked in for later that day and she wanted steaming.  For her facial I scored the 29/30 (irritating as I would have liked 30/30) and for the head massage I had full marks.  These good scores gave me what I wanted, 2 distinctions!  I did also tint her brows and lashes but was too nervous to request these be part of my summative also.  Perhaps next week, it would be nice to get another few summatives complete before Christmas and hopefully again with distinctions.


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