What do I learn in a Beauty Therapy NVQ level 2?

It may involve less theory than other subjects but it does still involve a fair bit of study!

A lot of people post on forums asking what the NVQ Level 2 covers.  Whilst all colleges will be different I can advise you of what we do in my college.

The practical subject areas we cover are:

  • Facials
  • Head Massage
  • Lash & Brow Treatments
  • Make-up
  • Manicure & Pedicures
  • Nail Art
  • Spray Tanning (technically a level 3 subject)
  • Waxing & Hair Removal

Although these are practical subjects there is a lot of theory to go along with them.  For example, with facials you will learn about the make-up of the skin, bloody supply, muscles and bones in the head and upper body.  You will have theory classes to help you with this but I find that a good tutor will also talk about the theory while you are doing your practical; this makes it much easier to relate to in my opinion.

With Facials you will also cover Head Massage in this module.  You start with your routines that you will use for a lot of the facial.  They will be quite easy to learn and will break you in gently for when you need to learn the 20 minute massage routine and 10 minute head massage routine.

Lash & Brow treatments will cover your tinting and eyelash extensions.

Make-up is rather fun with a good tutor that will talk you through it step by step.  Be warned that the way you are used to doing make-up may not be how you are required to do it for assessment and you may need to alter your style.

Manicures & Pedicures will also incorporate your Nail Art.  It will start with practice on how to hold your polish bottles and how to hold a clients hand to get you comfortable and confident with your painting.  This will prepare you for learning the rest of the module.

When doing Spray Tanning you will start with perhaps 4 – 6 people spraying one model.  In fact, the first time I sprayed a whole person was for my formative!  Your tutor will talk you through techniques and routines to make it all easier for you.

Waxing for us started with some of the class doing the tutors legs!  We then started to practice on eyebrows as part of our eyebrow shaping and progressed from there.

The theory we cover (in addition to the theory included in studying the above practical subjects) includes:

  • Client Care & Communication in a Salon Environment
  • Health & Safety
  • Product Promotion in a Salon Environment
  • Reception Duties
  • Working in a Salon Environment

Now I won’t lie, if you have ever worked in an environment that requires you to do reception duties or sales duties then you will find a lot of this very easy and a bit dull at times.  If you have previously covered health and safety in another course, it will be very similar and possibly a simplified version depending on the level you originally studied.

I know some people will chose to do each module one by one if they are trying to build their knowledge bit by bit – but if you cover all of the above segments then you have the equivalent to an NVQ level 2!


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