Hip Hip Hooray and my first paying client!

Well my exams went well, rather tan just one theory test and my spray tan test I ended up doing two theory tests alongside my spray tan test.  Pleased to say I past everything and I am moving nicely along.

Today we had a different tutor for make-up and I have to say she was fantastic! I actually felt like I learned a lot and I got some great tips and feedback on my make-up application.  The tutor went step by step with the whole class following along using our own colour schemes and deciding if and where we needed to highlight or use bronzer etc.

Following the morning of make-up I completed my final Formative facial!  Next week will be my Summative exams and provided I pass it I will be fully qualified in facials!  How exciting is that?  It is amazing to in under 3 months from starting, to be qualified in something new.

After the facial I started to set up for an eyelash and brow tint on a different classmate.  No sooner was I set up and the tutor advised me and the only other girl who hadn’t started her next treatment “We have 2 clients that have just shown up, we had them booked in for the wrong date.  You both need to get ready to do a facial on them!”.  Errr ok, totally was NOT expecting to be doing a facial on a paying member of the public but how exciting!

I got all set up and brought my client in and went through everything with her and jumped into the treatment head first.  The major downside was the other class members.   Both clients gave their therapist a glowing review and booked in again for next week requesting they have the same therapist again… but complained that the atmosphere of the room was not as relaxing as a facial should be.  It really saddened me as the one thing they were unhappy with was the one thing we had no control over.

Care of the rebooking requesting myself and my classmate carry out the treatments again, I now have 2 paying customers booked in for next Thursday.  Okay, okay one IS my mum…. But hey, she is still paying and I will make sure I give her a fantastic treatment… I want that distinction after all.


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