Tests, tests and more tests!

Wow the run up to Christmas is going to be filled with theory tests and formatives.

Over the weekend we all had to revise for our facial exam and do a mock test online.  I played ball and did my work and the test scoring a 19/20 which I was pleased with.  However it appeared when I turned up to class to day many of the class had “faulty laptops” and so didn’t bother to do the test.  We then did a mock class test, some people were scoring as low as 8 out of 24!  I mean come on, they really need to pull their socks up.

Tomorrow when I arrive I will be doing my spray tan formative.  I hands down am very nervous.  I haven’t once had the opportunity to spray tan a full person and to have my formative as my first time spraying a full person is very daunting.  I have done my best to memorise the routine so hopefully the nerves will stay at bay and I will remember it.  All that is left is to make sure I am thorough with my spraying and don’t go too quickly to ensure an even cover.

After my spray tan formative I head in for my facial theory test.  Although I have prepped well for it you never know what they will ask you on the day so I won’t count my chickens until the test is complete and the score is in my hand.

Now I know it is November but dare I say that we already have our Christmas tree up?! Ok, ok I was railroaded into it but I am now embracing the season with gusto.  That includes browsing for Christmas gifts that I may want people to buy me to help me with my beauty course.


I have I am sure told you all that I wish to start getting a spray tan kit together and although long term I would like a TS50 it will cost me quite a bit more than a TS20 which is equally as good but has a lower capacity to do consecutive tans.  The best offer I can find has to be with LA Tanning.  They offer starter kits starting at only £99 for the gun, a variety of tans and accessories (however this does not include a tent).  The kit I feel offers the best value for money is the TS20 kit costing £199.  This particular kit comes with 4 x 1ltr of tan in the colours of my choice, a tanning tent, the TS20 itself and a variety of accessories including sticky feet and disposable underwear.

Although LA Tanning is not the tan I wish to go with long term, this offer makes it worth me starting out with them.  They are of course cruelty free or else no matter how good an offer they had I would not be purchasing from them at all.

So here is to my formative in tanning going well tomorrow and getting my summative under my belt asap so I can request very kindly that Santa buy me this kit to set me on my spray tanning way…


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