Tan lines, exam times and Pinterest

Today was the first set of tan formatives and I was a model for a classmates spray tan formative.  We used He-Shi again and it wasn’t until she started spraying that the tutor asked if I was ok with the dark tan as that was what had been in the bottle before.  Well as it was already on my leg “what the heck I thought” and so they continued.

I had planned to wash the tan off as soon as I got home so it would be gone for work but sadly I hadn’t enough time to do this and the tan stayed on for the full 8 hrs before I got home to shower.  I thought I would take a photo to show you exactly how dark the “dark” shade of He-Shi was.

Sorry for the poor quality – this photo was taken with no flash on my Blackberry

Mental huh?  I really am that pale naturally although the tan actually doesn’t look that dark or unnatural on me.  It actually makes me look a little healhier

The second half of the day was a test in “Employability in the beauty industries”.  I am pleased to say I got 100% and so another module under the belt.  Next week this class will be our facial and skin theory test.

It will be my turn to do my spray tan formative exam next week.  Excited and nervous all in one go.  I have only had the chance to be in one spray tan class to see the routine and so I asked another girl doing her formative today if I could watch her spray tan to help me visualise the routine I need to do next week.  Fingers crossed it helps the routine stick in my head so I can pass next week!

On another note, I have been spending far too much time on Pinterest – that website is just fantastic for finding inspiration for make-up and nail art.  A lot of my class seem never to have heard of it so I urge you if you have never used it before, set up an account and have a whizz through, you will love it!


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