Too old to study beauty therapy?

I have read a few people recently online questioning if they could/should study beauty therapy.  There seems to be a bit of a worry that it is something that only 16 – 18 year olds study and that anyone in their 20’s, 30’s or older is too old to bother.

I will admit, I did have my own reservations when I signed up for the course.  I assumed everyone would be just out of school but from my open evening visit I could see a few others who were a bit older.  I was also reassured when I seen another girl at the open evening had also got her degree and been travelling before deciding to change direction and study beauty therapy.

Now that I am a Beauty Therapy Student, I am not the oldest in my class, there is one person older than me and another 2 in their mid 20’s.  In the other level 2 class in our college there are 3 girls in their mid 20’s taking the course also.

From my experience of the course I have found that my life and work experience from the past has helped me greatly.  I have found many of the written exams a lot easier than others and I find it very easy to articulate what I want to say when others may struggle.

I have a greater sense of importance with regards to my studies.  I know how important they are to paving the change in my future career and I know how much easier it is to be in college studying than working fulltime in a thankless job.  I often hear some of my class saying they wish they could quit and just stay at home and work for money and I ask them why that would be any better?

If you are past the age of 20 and worried that you are too old for the course and thinking you should take the evening course route because there are more mature students; well you would be right, there are more mature students taking the evening course BUT and it’s a big but, the evening course takes you much longer and all for what? For the fear of being a bit older than your classmates?

If you want to do you course fulltime to complete quicker then please do! I promise after the first week you won’t be worried about the fact you are a little older than others and you will be excited going into class and learning the skills you need to go out and work in the beauty industry.  So what’s it gonna be, sit around worried and waiting? Or making it happen and changing your life…


4 thoughts on “Too old to study beauty therapy?

  1. I was 23 went I went to school to be an esthetician. There were gals older and younger then me. We had two gals in their 50’s in our class. If it is something you are passionate about, just do it! Age is just a number, follow your heart!

  2. Definitely not! When more mature people enter the field of beauty therapy they tend to have their own angles and ways to bring to the table, offering something new and different which may or may not work better than say someone straight out of college, for example, learning beauty therapy.

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