Free Nails Inc polish? Don’t mind if I do.

Last week I noticed Glamour magazine were giving away Nails Inc polish however my local store only had the option of the red polish which I already have from the Coke offer last year with Boots.  So you can imagine how excited I was today to go into a corner shop and see the full range of colours available!  Of course I bought 3 copies of the magazine to get the colour options I needed.

Thankfully today was placement day and so I was able to give the salon a copy of the magazine to set out and I will give somebody in college a copy of it too just to get rid of my other spare copy.


I will admit I did think the dark colour was black and I was a little disappointed to open the magazine wrapper and discover it’s a shade of blue.  A nice midnight blue but just not what I was expecting.  The peach colour polish goes on very pale and would need a good 3 coats I would say to form any solid colour and that colour is likely to look like a whiteish pink.  The gold glitter is lovely.  A very fine sparkle and I did try it over the midnight blue and it gave a lovely “night sky” look.  Sadly I didn’t think to take any photos of my nails as I tried the polish on in the salon and I am now polish free ready for my formative tomorrow.

I spent a good bit of time in the salon going over my facial routine and head massage routine to try and have myself as prepared as possible for my formative tomorrow.  I can’t hand on heart say I am 100% not going to get 2 moves the wrong way around or accidentally forget a move BUT I do feel I know the routine as best as I can for tomorrow.  I guess I have 3 formatives to perfect my routine and so if I make a small mistake tomorrow I will try not to be too harsh on myself.

The salon owner kindly went over her set up for facials and massage with me today.  Showing me what she needs ready in advance and then onto the tan room to show me how to set up and clean the gun for her.  We also talked about waxing (which I am yet to cover in college), make up brushes and collections, nail polish and body wraps.  I was also pleasantly surprised when she offered to do a set of gel nails for me on my last placement day before Christmas.  I will look forward to these as I have never bothered having gel nails done before as I quite enjoy painting my own nails.

Anyway, bed calls me and I need to make sure I have a good sleep before my tests.  Fingers crossed its all good news tomorrow!


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