Halloween is over and winter is here

Winter is no longer on its way, it is well and truly here!  It is so cold and oh boy are my hands feeling it.  They honestly look so deflated and dehydrated, it’s just wrong.

I am now in the mood to find the best hand cream going.  My aim is to try a different one every few weeks through winter to find one that will keep my hands looking pretty.  For the next 2 weeks I will be using Soap & Glory’s Hand Food.  I always love the smell of this when I use it so I am really hoping it will make my hands look a little healthier.  I’ve never really had the patience to keep using it every day but this time I will, scouts honour.

I’m open to suggestions for what hand cream to use next so feel free to let me know what you use or loved in the past and I will do my best to give it a bash and review it too.

Yesterday was my first day back after the Halloween holidays and it was for theory class.  More on the muscles, the blood and lymphatic system.  Noting too exciting to learn but essential to the course and so I guess it is a case of sucking it up and remembering them sooner rather than later.  Formative assessments are also starting this week on Thursday!  Can you say excited much?  I know they aren’t the main test but they mean I am on my way to getting my summative done and I feel productive getting them done.  In theory, I should be able to do my summative for facials, eyebrow and lash tinting in just over 3 weeks and so I have advised my mum to make herself available.

We also had a quick class test today, I’m not 100% on what the title of the test was as I wasn’t in the class for the 2 weeks before Halloween due to being sick one week and the munchkin being sick the other week… It was something to do with employment and the law?  Despite not having been in for any of the classes I still got 100% on the mock exam.  It really should give you an idea of how potentially easy these exams are if you have been in the working world before and have a good head on your shoulders.  Not that I would advise you miss classes or not to study but at least you can see that some of the subjects will be relatively easy and you won’t have to work too hard to do well.


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