Faulty internet and new stuff!

So my internet isn’t really working at the moment and I can only access the local hub dependant on the direction the wind is blowing!

On the bright side, it has been a lovely week so far as I am off college and one of my two jobs.

Last Wednesday my uniform arrived and I have to say I do love it.  Well I love the tunics.  They fit well and look lovely, the trousers are however tight despite being a size bigger than my top doh.  Will need to work on getting those to fit right.

Thursday was facials again and we have started to do it all as if we are with a client and talking to our classmates as if they know none of the things they really know about the routine.  We have also started to feedback each other and I am pleased to say my “client” gave me great feedback this week with lots of positive comments.

We have been given our first research assignment for home, to find a “look” we want to do on a classmate.  I am still struggling to get all my research done due to the lack of internet.  I did however find a great tutorial on how to do cheetah eye make-up and so used it tonight for a Halloween look.

I have also purchased the start of my brush set, sadly they didn’t have the 3rd set I wanted to purchase in stock and so I need to go and get it sorted tomorrow.  I will review the brushes once I have used them all – I am mainly using EcoTools with a few Body Shop brushes thrown in for good measure.

On my shopping trip tomorrow I will also be heading to lush to get one of their mascaras to try and on a hunt for a nice mineral powder make up to try out (again as my last experience didn’t work out well, but it was only a cheapy Avon one).  Any other suggestions for what I should look out for on my shopping trip or any ideas for what “looks” I could try for next week please let me know.


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