Manic Mondays will be worth it in the end.

We all know what Monday means…. Theory!

More work on the bones and a mini test on contra indications.  Overall actually not as dull as you would think and I did enjoy the class so don’t let people have you believe that theory is a hellish as they sometimes say it is.

Mid way through the class the lecturer got talking about eczema and kinesiology.  She was advising a classmate that she may have an intolerance to dairy and she wanted to do a muscle test.  Hands up, I admit I had never heard of this in my life so I was interested.

She got the girl to hold her arm up and tested the resistance of her muscle by applying pressure.  Then comes in the milk.  Now I thought she was going to have to drink the milk but no, she held it in her other hand (still in the sealed bottle) and the lecturer tested the resistance again.  Her arm fell easier granted but I wasn’t shy in voicing my opinion that she clearly has less resistance as she is now focusing on two things, her arm and holding the milk.  I also pointed out it may as well be a bottle of water.

She decided to test the theory on me and my arm didn’t drop much at all as I had set the milk on my knee, however the tutor could argue that I am not intolerant to milk (I’m not – but I don’t think it’s the point).  I did say I would retest the theory at home with a chilli as I know I am allergic to them if I eat or inhale the fumes from them being cooked.  Still need to grab the other half to get him to test it with me.

After theory was a tutorial and ICT.  Not everyone needed to go to the tutorial but I decided to use the time to do some ICT.  Result as the tutor said I had got enough done and didn’t need to go to the ICT class but would get marked in as I had covered more than needed for the class.   It was nice to get home a bit earlier to pick the littley up and clean the house.

I really do not feel like I have enough time these days to clean my house, do dishes, laundry etc.  If you plan on working 20+ hours as well as college and placement, expect very little me time.  I just have to keep telling myself “it will all be worth it in the end” and I am sure it will.

Tomorrow is spray tan and theory.  Hoping and praying to avoid being spray tanned as I have work right after college and I can not be standing behind the till for 4 hours slowly turning a shade of orange…


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