But she said….

Oh dear, people don’t half like to bicker.  It seems that some of the girls in class are now starting to fall out as some of the group have been bitching about others behind their backs.  I don’t care if your 16 or 36, if you go to a beauty course don’t play this kind of game of bitching about people, it will ALWAYS bite you in the ass.  If you don’t like somebody, fine, be polite and move on.  You are going to beauty school to better yourself and to carve your future career, not to make pretend friends or to be nasty to people you don’t like.

I was paired with a girl I don’t normally talk to yesterday – only she had “herpes simplex” and so I couldn’t actually work on her.  We then became a 3 with another girl who I like only she had the cold.  Joy!  So I had to do her facial avoiding her nose and lips and just did “air facial” movements as I called them.  I.e. I did the movements but hovering over her face rather than touching it, it meant I could still do the whole routine in my head.

After lunch the quieter girl did my facial, it was hard though as she really needed to be told a lot of what she had to do as she hasn’t been to many classes or practiced much.  As the lecturer talked the whole class through the facial massage that bit was great… in fact I fell asleep and committed the cardinal sin… I snored!!! Two snorts was enough to wake me up though and I made sure I didn’t fall back to sleep again.

The afternoon was eye treatments.  I was with the same girl who had never really done a facial and guess what… she hadn’t done any eye treatments either! Gah!  I did her brow and lash tint only she opened her eye while the tint was on her lashes! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? So she had a sore eye but was fine.  She then tinted me, grand job as I don’t look weird.  She did however get tint all over the trolley and tried to say it wasn’t her and her friend tried to agree with her.  Yes… sure… say it was me when actually, I am normally one of the few people in the class to get things as close to perfect as I can.

We also got a peep at when we will be doing our exams, I was sad to see my tanning exam isn’t until January.  Something to do with having to learn more about the body and skin before we will be ready.  Shame, because I so want to get a spray tan machine to start tanning people and trying to make a few extra pennys


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