You’re Fired!

Don’t worry, it wasn’t me who got fired.  The other girl who was doing a placement on a Friday in the salon I am at (she came from another college) has been told not to return.  Take note, when you get a placement, they do not have to keep you there and if you are being lazy or doing anything wrong they can get rid of you.  Let’s be honest, why should they not? They need to prepare you for the real work and that is exactly what would happen.


From what I can gather this other girl would just sit about most of the day with her feet on the sofa (that clients sit on when waiting) reading magazines!  She also took a booking and put it in the book incorrectly and didn’t check if the client had been patch tested for tint – she hadn’t and thus couldn’t have her treatment performed and had to come back another day for it.


I try to embrace the opportunity no matter how dull it is to just be answering the phone, brushing the floor, dusting and replacing couch roll or damp cotton wool.  I know that despite it being dull, I am learning more about the process of how a real salon runs, of the little details that are important when dealing with a client and how long treatments take etc.  So when I rock up to work I hang up my coat and bag and I dust.  I dust the display units and any surfaces that need it.  I then brush or hoover if there are no clients in the salon and when each client exits a treatment, I scoot in and replace the couch roll, straighten the room up and check if any more damp cotton wool needs to be prepped.  I have never been fired from a real job and have NO intentions of getting my ass fired from a placement.


I mean think about it, how embarrassed would you be to have your tutor advise you that you no longer have a placement due to being a lazy/silly girl?  So my advice is when you get your placement, make the most of it.  Even if you end up in a chemist where you won’t learn much that will be of use to you, try your best and build up your own good work ethics as it will still help when it comes down to getting a reference for job applications.  They may not be able to say what you are like in a beauty related manor but they can say you turned up on time, that you were friendly, hard working and helpful etc.


Back in for the long haul tomorrow and the 10 hour day.  I am so knackered after today’s placement and working after it that I am very much looking forward to my facial!


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