Spray tanning, comedone extractors and health and safety!

Today was spray tanning.  Honestly MUCH easier than I expected it to be.  Most of us got to practice little bits of it on the models.  I got to do legs.  I did a grand job and it all looked fine with the guide colour.  Another girl did however WAY overspray an arm and didn’t stop spraying between arms? and so resprayed the models neck. Doh!  Overall though I think the class did very well and I can see it being nailed first time by most when it comes down to doing our tests.  I wasn’t however impressed with the gun we use.  It apprently needs turning off between each spray tan as it gets so hot it can burn people.  Not what I have read about some of the machines out there.  Personally from what I have read I like the look of the TS50 but in college we are using one by He-Shi.

After tanning we went on to our health and safety class to do our exam.  I scored 86% and so easily passed.  Each person in the class completed a different test and we did it online.  This prevented anyone being able to copy from somebody else and I think it worked very well.  A few did however fail (mainly the girls who really just don’t put any effort in at all) and will have to re-sit the exam next week again while the rest of us move onto the next module.


Another 2 girls in the class have mentioned to the tutor that they want to leave.  That could be a total of 3 drop outs from our class alone in just over a month.  One wants to leave to move with her boyfriend and the other wants to leave so she can be at home and sleep in? Hardly the best reasons to give up on training but a well, I guess they will look back on it in the future and either move on or regret it.


On another note, I had a spot on my lip, well it was a small white lump to be honest.  It wasn’t red or sore, it just bothered me. The other night I decided to squeeze it and I have been squeezing at it ever since!  It’s sore and red and looks like I have “herpes simplex” (see what I did there beauty students!) and I just want it gone! Any ideas?


My comedone extractors also arrived today, brilliant quality!  For 99p for 5 from Hong Kong I thought they would be plasticy and poor quality, I was wrong.  They are well made and cast in stainless steel!  I had got them from e-bay and would happily recommend the store should anyone ask me where I got them from. Find them here!


Back to placement tomorrow, fingers crossed it will be a little more interesting than it has been.


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