Pop quiz and beauty bargains

I turned up 10 minutes late today, the littley was sick and so delayed me getting in.  Sadly for me it was also pop quiz day on the skin.  I had forgotten about it and not revised and the others who had arrived on time had been given 10 minutes to revise.

Needless to say I didn’t get 100% so it’s a good job it was just an example of a test and not the real thing.  I got 77% so I would still pass with no revision but I will be honest and say I really do want to get as close to 100% as I can on the real test.  That said, some others got as little as 40% so in that respect I did quite well!

It was a day of theory and so after the test we started to go over elements of face masks and moisturisers and their properties.  What naffed me off is the bunch of layabouts who tend not to put any effort in just didn’t pay attention!  One of them actually FELL ASLEEP! I kid you not, fell asleep and her friend had to kick her to wake her up.

We also did our nominations for class reps, I am proud to say I was the unanimous choice with half the class putting my name in the hat.  The second rep was between 2 others who are going to split the year between them.  I’m pleased to be the rep, not so much because it was nice people wanted me to be but because it means I can be 100% certain that the things that are bugging me will be heard.

We had our first meeting with the head of the college today and I voiced my opinion on the fact we have zero recycling facilities, no water fountains forcing people to buy fizzy drinks from vending machine when their bottle of water runs out on a long day in college.  So much for encouraging healthy options…  I also wasn’t impressed that the canteen staff didn’t know if their gravy or curry sauces are vegetarian when I asked this week?  Now yes, not a huge deal, I just don’t eat there however, another girl in the other class does and she has a serious nut allergy.  What on earth would happen if they sold her something that had nuts and they didn’t even realise? They really need to address the little things in order to make the college a better place – as to if they will, well that remains to be seen.  At least my points were more valid than one of the other class reps who spent 15 minutes going on about how the timetable should take the bus timetables into account and couldn’t understand why the college can’t and won’t do that!

Back in for a day of tanning and theory tomorrow.  I am supposed to be one of the guinea pigs but not sure it will be a great idea as aunt flow hasn’t gone yet.  The good thing is the lecturers do take this into account with relevant treatments and so you won’t need to worry about this when on the course.

I would also like to share my bargain of the weekend with you!  I spent about £6.50 in boots and got the no7 hot cloth cleanser, no 7 tonner for normal skin and a lip gloss.  This was through the 3 for 2 offer, their 2 no 7 vouchers for £3 off make up and £5 off skincare.  Then take off my staff discount.  Total saving was £21!  Now granted I do have staff discount which is amazing and I appreciate it BUT if you are looking cheap items to use on people, I genuinely believe the no 7 vouchers and 3 for 2 offers will see you well.

I have tried the hot cloth cleanser, I don’t really rate using it with the muslin and do feel it needs an actual hot towel or face cloth but other than that it is a nice product and I bought it based on another bloggers review.  It is a creamy product and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean after use.


I will also be decanting the toner to a spray bottle to mimic the application process we use in our facial routine rather than using it straight from the bottle onto cotton pads.


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