The art of face masks

I had the misfortune of being paired up with one of the wayward members of my class today.  At the start of my facial her hands smelt of beef monster munch crisps!  As to why she did not wash her hands, who knows?  It really turned my stomach while she did the eye and lip cleanse.  Thankfully the superficial cleanse took the smell away due to the oils used.  The rest of her treatment went okay and I wouldn’t complain too much about anything else she did.

It was fun getting to wear a mask today.  Mine was made from Orange Water and Magnesium.  In theory my skin would have taken a stronger one containing Kaolin but we will try that another day.

I felt very confident with the start of my performance of the facial.  Everything up to the facial massage I feel like I can do perfectly.  I really do need to nail the massage routine though!   Mixing the mask was rather fun too and I really enjoyed painting it on.  I don’t imagine I will have any problems with that stage in the future either.

All that is left to learn is our Indian head massage routine to perform while the mask is on and our facial routine is complete.  Crazy to think in theory from next Thursday onwards I will “know” how to do a 1 hour facial routine!

In case you didn’t know, when doing the Beauty Therapy course some of your “exams” take the practical form (clearly) and we have been advised that from next week we will be starting out “formative assessments”.  We must do 3 formatives in any treatment before we can do our “summative assessment” which is the one we are graded on.

It is more than likely that next Thursday we will start formatives on eye treatments.  The thought of this gives me butterflies in my tummy! I am confident in my application of individual lashes and lash tinting but I didn’t do too great at putting strip lashes on tonight.  They just never sat right on the lash line for me.  I would also like to do a few more eyebrow tints to perfect that.

I do worry a little for others in the class.  Today is our long day and it is the 4th time we have been in a long day, yet it was the first time one girl in our class had showed up for it!  She had never been patch tested for tints, glue, wax or tan.  When asked to put lashes on (as she couldn’t have them put on her due to no patch test) she said she didn’t want to!  She did it in the end with a lot of coaxing from the tutor but I can’t help but wonder why the heck she is even doing the course?


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