Uh oh, it happened again…

Today was another session of mitt tans i requested only the top of me be tanned today.  Wow, what can I say, both arm pits 100% left out and a line around my jaw line where my neck was orange and my face left several shades whiter.  Next week will be the start of spray tan which I am looking forward to learning (although perhaps not the element of being sprayed if the mitt tan is anything to go by).
On the bright side in our health and safety practice tests I was the only one to have gotten 100% correct on my paper.  Roll on next weeks exam to get it over and done with.

I do however need to work a little harder in memorising elements of the skin for a pop quiz on Monday!  Any tips appreciated.

On a totally unrelated subject, my thoughts are with the family missing 5 year old April Jones.  My prayers are that they find her alive and well soon, the poor we mite must be so frightened.  Following the story with a feeling of despair as my daughter is the same age as April and the thought of her going missing fills me with such fear.

If you live in her local area then I ask you, please join them in their hunt to find her.  If like me you live nowhere near Wales, then I request you all say a little prayer for April and her family tonight x


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