The best of days and the worst of days

Today started early, I dropped the littley off at breakfast club at 8:10am so I could get to college early as the bus was leaving at 9 for the beauty show in Dublin.  The bus was there when I got there but due to other berks being late we didn’t leave until 9:30.


Arrived at 11:30 and spent 2 hours wandering around.  My advice, don’t go expecting to magically see something you want.  PLAN what you want in advance as there is so much there you won’t really know what you want to buy and will either impulse buy or leave without anything.  I didn’t plan and I had an impulse buy.  A good one though! I got a pair of Uggs for 50 euro!


They had over 100 stalls, about 5 fake tan stands, perhaps 5 gel nail stands, a few selling scented candles and oils, a load selling many an item of make up cheaply, 2 selling shoes and even one selling hats and scarves.  I grabbed a leaflet for all the ones that interested me so I can view them online to see what I would like when I am feeling more rational and less likely to impulse buy.


After the exhibition we headed to Blanchardstown for lunch.  It was only once we arrived the lecturers supervising the trip announced for us to get back to the bus for 4:30pm.  Err hello… our lecturer had told us we would be back for 4pm!  I had work at 6:45 but figured it just meant less time at home before work so let it slide.  We were advised we would be home between 5:15 and 5:30.


Off we go to shop and get food.  The girls all wanted McDonalds so despite not loving it I went anyway.  I ordered a veggie burger “Do you mean a wrap or a burger?” replied the Eastern European woman behind the till.  Err the burger “You mean a hamburger without the meat?”.  Yes woman, enough already, I want a “hamburger without the meat” a VEGGIE BURGER!  So I wait and my meal arrives.  I go sit and open the box to find…. Wait for it…. A burger bun with cheese and errrr the bottom of another burger bun in the middle?!?!?! Its official, this woman needed psychiatric help and while I couldn’t offer her that I did march back up to ask her if she was having a joke!  “No, you asked for a hamburger without the meat – this is it.” Errrrrr sorry what?  I wanted a veggie burger… as in an ALTERNATIVE to meat in the middle but NOT the base of another burger bun.  In the end I requested they change it for mozzarella sticks although I was not happy about that.


It was soon enough time to go home, I had a nap on the bus and woke up just after 5.  Thinking I should be almost home I turned my phone back on.  My other half had text to say he was at the college waiting on me.  Only hang on… the road signs are all still in Irish, so we can’t be anywhere near home yet.  We didn’t arrive back until 6:20pm by which point I was fuming.  I really didn’t appreciate the lecturers lack of regard for the fact we have a life outside of college and that when we are told we will be home for 4pm or even between 5:15pm and 5:30pm then I should be able to expect to be back by that time!


I guess my advice would be to keep your evening free on the day of any planned college trips and if you get the chance to buy cheap Uggs… go for it because as Uggly (see what I did there?) as they look, they are sooo warm and comfy 🙂


4 thoughts on “The best of days and the worst of days

  1. So have you started working in a salon yet ? I had my first day yesterday and it was so scary haha I did gel nails which I had never been taught . The manager tried to teach me but it takes time and I went a little wrong on the client … Bit embarrassing but never mind ! Hot my 2nd day today and I’m so nervous 😦

    • Hi Lucy – no I have not started to work in a salon yet as I am not sure I actually will work in a salon other than my home one 🙂 I am however looking forward to going my gel polish training next month over in London. I would be inclined to wonder if you are insured to use gel polish on clients without having had any formal training though :/ Good luck today, I am sure you will do a great job so try not to be nervous x

      • I’m not sure but she’s going to put my on a course next month so should be then . Yesterday went better 🙂 got everything right . Haha still scary though .. It’s all very different to college .. Health and safety goes right out the window x

      • So pleased to hear they will be putting you on a course. Always good to further your skills but don’t let health and safety go out the window – this is something that is SO important in the real world to prevent accidents or clients putting in a claim for damages and it coming out of our own pockets if we are not insured x

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