Lovely lashes & massage

Yesterday was a good old placement day.  Same old, same old.  Cleaning, replacing couch roll and answering the phone to take appointments.  I did however get to sprits some ladies toes after her file and polish, fun.

Today was a relaxing start with me being the dummy for facial practice.  After lunch I had my chance to run through the facial right through to the end of the massage.  Looking forward to next week when we will be learning how to mix and apply masks.  At the end of the class we did a little bit on nail polish.  I wasn’t pleased with how my work turned out, it could have been a bit tidier.

This afternoon we had our class on eyes.  More tinting and eyelash extensions!  I didn’t get eyelash extensions put on as only one person per team was able to practice this week.  On the bright side, that meant that I was the one putting them on.  I did a decent job too even if I say so myself.  Individual lashes on the top lid and I have to say they are much easier than I imagined at first.  Don’t get me wrong, I for sure have room to improve on my first attempt but overall I think I did a good job as did my partner.  The lecturer didn’t check my full set but she was pleased when she checked the half way mark and that is good enough for me.

Going to buy some lashes and glue tomorrow and find people to use them on.

On other exciting news – my kit bag arrived yesterday! And today?  Yes the company have sent me 2 of the same bag, doh!    I am very pleased with the bag though and I had great fun moving all my bits into it.

Tomorrow I am heading to Sallys to sort out my discount card.  Need to buy a few small bits for my kit.  Also thinking I may as well use my no.7 vouchers in Boots tomorrow to get hold of some bits such as a cream cleanser to use for practice.  No sense buying something expensive just to play around with until I get better.

My aim for the weekend is to practice, practice, practice and learn my notes!  So many things I want to get memorised now to save me hassle in the future.  Who knew beauty therapists needed to learn so many bones, muscles and other sciencey type things!

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