The end of a tiring week

This week was rather tiring to put it mildly.  Cramming in 20 hours at work, an 8 hour day at placement and 18.5 hrs at college really is taking its toll on me.


Wednesdays placement was nice.  It was a different therapist working and as se had her sister booked in for gel nails I was able to watch to see how she did those.  The day still entailed the expected cleaning routine, so hovering and mopping.  Also changing couch roll and making sure the therapy room was set for the next client.


I had a 10 hour day at college yesterday and came home to sleep for 10 hours last night!  Not that the day was “hard” just very long.  In fact, I would say it was the most enjoyable yet! We moved onto the mask, steaming and massage elements of the facial.  Our facial routine really is coming along quite nicely.  I do wish I had people at home to practice on.  OH isn’t really up for facials and my daughter is only 5 so I wouldn’t put her skin through it for my benefit of practice.


On the topic of the facial products we are using, I’m very sad to see Dermalogica have lost their leaping bunny due to deciding to sell in China.  It has me even more excited about the college switching over to Eve Taylor.


The evening portion of the day was back onto eyes.  Due to a timetable change we now have a different tutor for this class and so she recapped over the tinting process and starting on eyebrow shaping.  I didn’t feel like we learned too much in the eyebrow shaping process sadly but my eyebrows did take better to the tint this week.  We changed the colour to brown/black rather than just brown and left it on a little longer.  Progress!


We were supposed to be patch tested for the tan we are learning to use next week, but they forgot.  Will have to remind the tutor on Monday as I really want to learn the tanning sooner rather than later.


We are also going as a class to a beauty show in Dublin in just over a week.  Looking forward to seeing what they have going on there and experience the environment.


Back to normality for the weekend, working both days before I head back in on Monday for the day of theory.  Still no sign of my kit bag, hoping it arrives soon though as I want to play with it.


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