Kit bags are a girl’s best friend

I am well and truly sick of cramming bits of my kit into my (all be it large) handbag each day for college and removing it when I leave college to resume normal life.  Tonight I decided to change that and I have ordered myself a Fräulein3°8 kit bag.  Hands up, I did go all out girly and went for a pink handbag style one.

I know it sounds silly but it took me quite a while to find one I would buy.  My problem is I have a fear of velvet (in fact even typing the word grosses me out!) and a lot of the girls in my class have kit bags with velvet lined inners.  I just could NOT be dealing with that in my own.  I am pleased to say the one I bought is lined in faux leather.

While I was in a shopping mood I decided to get some comedone extractors.  We are doing comedone removals this week as part of our continuing facial routine and I figure the extractors will come in handy in the future.

Today was a full day of theory due to a room move, which was fine.  We did however get to try 2 exfoliators on the back of our hands.  One “scrubby” exfoliator and one fruit acid based one (Guinot Gommage Biologique).  Now when we used the rough one on the back of one hand we let it dry in and then rubbed/flaked it off.  You could see an instant difference between the two hands.   The one we had exfoliated clearly looked smoother and more defined.  However we then used the Guinot gel like exfoliator on our other hand, rubbed it in and then washed it off and WOW.  The hand with the fruit acid exfoliaton process was much smoother (and smelt much nicer).  I was rather shocked as I always though scrubby was the way forward and that all exfoliators where similar.  How wrong was I?


To make up for todays theory, tomorrow will be a full day of practical based on the facial routine and will include steaming, exfoliation and comedone removal as mentioned above.  The idea of removing other people’s black heads does 100% gross me out, going to do my best to find a partner with as few of them as possible.


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