Ever wanted your self esteem pulled to shreds?

Then just wait until you get to doing a skin consultation!  We had the joy of doing these in class when learning more of the facial routine.  Between being told I had a pustule, a few comedones, some open pores, a broken capillary and some thickening of the skin around my jaw line from my teenage years, I am not sure which depressed me more.  The only good news is I apparently am not showing signs of aging yet which I can thank my oily teenage years on.

That all said, I did actually enjoy learning more of the facial routine.  Later in the day we moved onto eye treatments.  We managed to squeeze in learning how to tint each others eyelashes and eyebrows.  We were advised that eyelashes would be the harder of the two tints but I have to say, I really did find the eyelashes easier, or at least they looked the better of the two tints in my opinion.  Both mine and my partners lashes looked fab, so don’t worry when you are doing this part of your course, I am sure you will do fantastic.  As for brows, well I opted for brown which didn’t take too well despite being reapplied.  I can see my brows are slightly darker however there is no tint on the skin.  My partner however chose black as she has used it before.  I was a little wary of it but our lecturer said she would use black on herself too and it’s a common choice so off we went.  Her tint looked very dark and took quite strongly to the skin despite being painted on one brow, on the next brow and then rubbed off (so perhaps 30 – 45 secs development time?).  I wouldn’t advise you use black when doing this training unless you already have VERY dark hair.  Perhaps opt for brown-black.

Not wearing mascara was a great feeling! And none of those little dark circles under my eyes by the end of the day.  I have also managed to secure a number of guinea pigs to practice my tints on – woohoo!  Going to do my mother in laws eyelash tint over the weekend for a party she is attending on Tuesday and have had a few girls I work with ask if I can do theirs also.  Just need to sort them out with patch tests and off I go!

I was also pleased to note that the tint which we use is not tested on animals.  I am very much an animal lover and ideally would like my kit to be filled only with items not tested on animals.

Next week in our eye treatments class we will be getting patch tested for glue and tan so we can start our eyelash extensions and tanning!  Lash wise, we will be doing both individual and strip lashes.  I can see those being easy to find people to test on too.  No doubt lots of people will want to have them for party nights.  Have a feeling I will be charging for the cost of the lashes though or I will be ending up well out of pocket.
We also had our uniform fittings today.  Very glad we got to try on before we order as the tops are a good fit but the trousers run small.  They will be black with a purple trim.  Very plain and pretty.  No college logo this year which makes them a little more useful in the real world too I guess and so better value for our money.

Today was an IT class.  Very frustrating for me as I am actually very good with the PC/Laptop, however as I didn’t get a GCSE in ICT 11 years ago when I did my exams I still have to take the class.  Today it was a quick assessment to see what level we are at.  I am apparently a level 3. A-level quality… the class I have to go to every week is to teach up to a basic level 2 … somebody PLEASE tell me the logic in this? Why exactly make me do a test to see what level I am only to ignore it and teach me what I already know with the others who aren’t as competent?!


2 thoughts on “Ever wanted your self esteem pulled to shreds?

  1. Im finding your blogs a really good read im 31 starting my part time beauty this tuesday and in all honesty bricking it. but finding reading your experience helpful and down to earth. good luck with your placement and your eyelash tint today on your Guinea pig

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