The hunt for a placement and the start of practical work!

You may remember from my last update that I needed to find a placement for my course.  I decided to visit some of the local salons on Thursday to try and get it all sorted sooner rather than later.  The first one I went to was closed due to treatment in progress.  The second I spoke briefly to the manager who said it shouldn’t be a problem as I wanted a Wednesday while their other placement student is in on a Thursday.  She did however suggest I come back on Saturday to talk to the salon therapist.

Dutifully I go along on Saturday to talk to the therapist who informs me that she will require I come to do a trial day before she will confirm a placement.  We agree I will come in on Wednesday as it is my first day of placement although she won’t sign my forms required for the college to ensure me! ARGH!  I needed to head to work but I also needed to sort out a confirmed placement, I quickly ran to the Salon I had first visited on Thursday (and was closed) and thankfully managed to speak to the owner.  She was a little dubious at first as she had a bad experience in the past with a lazy placement student who was more effort for her to have around than help.  Luckily I managed to explain that I have worked before and I am a very diligent worker and would be happy to get a reference if needed and she decided she would take the chance – so I start placement tomorrow at 10am!  Exciting stuff!

This week on the whole has been pretty exciting.  On Monday I turned up for my theory lesson and it turned into our first practical!  We paired off and got to start learning the beginnings of a facial.  A superficial cleanse.  I got to be the test subject for my partner and I really enjoyed it.  It can’t be a bad day when you go to college to get a facial right?  The booklet is however rather massive! I do wonder how I will remember the whole lot once we have learnt the whole facial.

Today it was back to more practice, only this time I got to perform the superficial cleanse on my partner and also did a skin analysis.  The end of the day was a little less fun, we did a 2 hour class on health and safety.  In all honestly the lecturer just read the handouts and asked us to make a silly little poster.  Nothing I couldn’t do or didn’t know already.  Very frustrating but essential I guess in order to get through to the end of the course and earn that distinction I so want.

Really looking forward to getting back on Thursday as it is our long day; the one where we will be doing more on the facial routine as well as eyelash tinting and eyebrow waxing.   However tomorrow has me feeling nervous, placement time from 10am.  Hoping it goes well as I really want to impress.  Should really head off to bed saying as I need to be up early to get the littley to school before the placement.  I will for sure be on tomorrow evening to update you on how the first day of placement went, catch you then!


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