Day 2

Today felt a little more like we are falling into a routine.  We all kind of knew who we wanted to sit near and there was a better atmosphere as people were less nervous of each other.  That said, there are still the irritating ones who still feel the need to keep playing with their phones, ignoring instructions and not listening.  You can be sure I will NOT be letting them practice on me… if they can’t listen to the most basic instructions, how will they ever get a wax or tint right?


Talking of waxes and tints, we got patch tests done today by the level 3 students.  They patch tested us for tints and with lavender wax (which smelt lovely).  Pleased to say I was allergic to neither, so I’m good to go.  We also got a buddy from the level 3 students.  Somebody we can ask questions and go to for advice of course related matters.  A great idea really and my buddy seems lovely.


We put together the start of what will be our portfolios today.  That was great fun really.  We got to see all the details we will be marked on for each learning subject and the photos in the portfolio packs really did get me a little excited about what we will soon be doing.


We did still have a few more silly games to play and we also got assigned lockers to store our belongings in when we are in class.  Thankfully we also picked our own locker buddy (2 to a locker) and so I feel I can trust the lovely girl I am sharing with.


Our timetables where also issued today.  Great to know what we will be doing for the year but sadly it’s not very friendly to my current part time hours I have with Boots.  I can see my hours in work having to be cut which I guess is reasonable as I have less spare time BUT as I am sure any other mature students will appreciate, it is going to be tough going earning less and sill having to pay the bills.

Most students will be eligible for grants, loans or EMA however as I already have a degree I do not qualify for these.  I have to admit, this did disappoint me as the only reason I am retraining is the lack of jobs available in my degree field and as a parent I thought I would have been entitled to some assistance.


Ah well, it will be fine, it will just take a bit of burning the candle at both ends for a while to make sure ends meet financially!


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