That scary first day they call “Induction”.

So if you are looking at applying for an NVQ in Beauty Therapy or perhaps you already have applied and are wondering what to expect, I was exactly the same when I signed up.  I googled and searched you tube and found very little info on what it was like to do the course and so this blog is my effort to show you my journey and give you an insight into yours.

I guess the best place to start is the very beginning…Last week I went into college for 2 hours for a very basic introduction to college.  And basic it was, it involved a bit of form filling, being told what funding we should look into applying for and given a kit list to purchase.  Nothing too taxing or exciting but at the end of those 2 hours you leave knowing you are now a Beauty Therapy Student!  Exciting yes?

Today was my first day of my first proper week.  Now perhaps it’s the fact I have been there and done the whole college thing before but I like to turn up on time.  In fact, I find it rude not to!  However, out of the 30 people taking part in Beauty Therapy level 2 in my college – only 12 where there on time.  Needless to say it pissed the lecturers off so my advice is if you are starting your course, arrive 5 minutes early.  It gives them a good impression of you and you may as well start as you mean to go on.

Sadly there was more form filling to do and lots of reading handbooks and listening to lecture staff reading out the key points.  We did however get to play a few get to know you games and we got split into our class groups.  My class is a group of 14 students, some are straight out of their GCSE’s and some are a bit like me and a little older (I’m 27).

There is a fair bit of learning where things are; “this is the laundry room where you will was towels” , “the canteen is downstairs on the first floor“ ,  “this is XYZ’s office” etc and it was a little bit overwhelming trying to remember it all BUT remember you don’t need to remember it all right away.  You can always ask in the future if you have forgotten and if you have forgotten you can bet you’re not alone in it.

It was a long first day, 9am to 4pm with only a 1 hour break.  Expect to leave with tasks to do.  My task this evening was to find a black leaver arch file and 15 file dividers.  This is to store my portfolio work.  I also need to find a placement that I can start next week.  This needs to be in a beauty salon, spa or a beauty counter in a department store or chemist.

The fantastic news is that if we work hard and plan well and get people in to do our treatment assessments sooner rather than later we can have our course completely done by April!  Less than 8 months to complete my NVQ 2 would be amazing.  The sooner I complete, the sooner I can work in the real world to hone the skills I will learn!

The highlight of my day was to see that my college use Dermalogica and Eve Taylor for our treatments.  Having read a bit about beauty brands before starting I really loved the sound of these brands and I am pleased to train using high quality salon products rather than lower quality training products.

Another 2 days this week to attend from 9am – 4pm.  I will be back to keep you up to date on how it goes and what you can expect in your first week.


2 thoughts on “That scary first day they call “Induction”.

  1. Lovely read thankyou. good luck with yours. im starting on the 18th 2 evenings a week. im quite frightend and nervous but hope i can get through it x

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